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Tako – Boiled Octopus Approx. 140-150g



– Sushi Grade

(Nutrition per 100g) Energy 99kcal, Moisture76.2g, Protein 21.7g, Fat 0.7g, Saturated 0.1g, Ash1.3g, Salt 0.6g

Discover the rich flavors of our Boiled Octopus, weighing approximately 120-130g. Each piece is meticulously prepared, capturing the genuine essence of traditional seafood. Known for its tender texture and savory taste, our tako is a favorite among seafood enthusiasts. Whether you’re preparing a classic Japanese dish or experimenting with new recipes, our boiled octopus is the ideal choice. Buy tako from MAIN DISH today and savor the genuine flavors of this seafood delicacy.

●Recipe1 →→ Marinated Seaweed and Octopus
●Recipe2 →→ Mixed Octopus Rice

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