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Wasabi Furikake Minari 85g



Ingredients: Sesame, Wasabi Granules (Salt, Starch, Lactose, Sugar etc.), Potato Flakes, Bonito Flavor Granules (Lactose, Salt, Dried Bonito Powder, Sugar etc.), Glucose, Defatted Wheat Germ, Seaweed, Salt, Starch, Sea Lettuce, Sugar, Spinach Powder, Dried Bonito Powder, Dextrin, Dried Wasabi Stalk, Soy Sauce, Seasoning (Amino Acids etc.), Modified Starch, Fragrance, Shell Ca, Coloring (Caramel, Carotenoid, Safflower Yellow, Gardenia)
*Contains some dairy ingredients, wheat, mackerel, soybeans and sesame

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