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Aigamo Japanese Rice Akitakomachi 1kg



From Allahabad Organic Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd.

● This item is a Japanese rice brand(Akitakomachi) produced in India.

Refrigerated storage is recommended.

Introducing our Aigamo Japanese Rice Akitakomachi, weighing 1kg. This rice, originating from the renowned Allahabad Organic Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd., embodies the authentic taste and texture of the Akitakomachi brand, a celebrated Japanese rice, now produced in India. Each pack is meticulously prepared to ensure you get the best quality for your meals. Whether you’re preparing a traditional Japanese meal or experimenting with new rice-based recipes, our Aigamo Japanese Rice promises to deliver an unparalleled dining experience. Buy rice from MAINDISH today and savor the genuine flavors of this Japanese delicacy.

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Gross weight 1 kg