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Tempura Flour 700g


Introducing our premium Tempura Flour, your go-to choice for creating crispy, golden tempura dishes. Made from high-quality ingredients, this flour is perfect for both traditional Japanese recipes and modern culinary experiments. Whether you’re frying vegetables, shrimp, or chicken, our Tempura Flour ensures a light, crispy batter every time. Free from artificial additives, it offers an authentic taste that will make your dishes unforgettable. Easy to use and completely straightforward, you’ll be a tempura master in minutes!

Ingredients : Wheat, Starch, Yolk Powder, Wheat Powder, Baking Powder

Nutrition (per 100g) : Energy 355kcal, Protein 9.0g, Fat 2.1g, Carbohydrate 75.1g, Salt 0.4g

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