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Tobikko (Flying Fish Roe) Orange 100g


Experience the rich flavor of our Tobikko (Flying Fish Roe) Orange, weighing 100g. Crafted with the finest ingredients such as flying fish roe, soy sauce, sugar, bonito extract, salt, and vibrant colorings, our tobikko promises an unparalleled dining experience. Each pack is meticulously prepared to ensure you get the best quality for your meals. Whether you’re preparing traditional sushi, sashimi, or experimenting with new Japanese recipes, our Tobikko Orange is the perfect choice. Buy tobikko from MAINDISH today and savor the genuine flavors of this Japanese seafood delicacy.

Ingredients: Flying Fish Roe, Soy Sauce (Soybeans, Water, Wheat, Salt), Sugar, Bonito extract, Salt, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate),  Allura Red AC (INS129) , Sunset Yellow FCF (INS110)
Contains Artificial Sweetener And For Calorie Concious .
(1)Contains Allura Red AC(INS129) Sunset Yellow FCF (INS110).
(2)Not Recommended For Children .

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