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Udon Noodles (Sakura) 300g

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Ingredients :  Refined Wheat Flour : 86.5% ,  Water : 12%   , Salt : 1.5%

Allergen : Contains Wheat .

Nutrition (per 100g) : Energy 358kcal, Protein 12 g, Total Fat 1g 2% ,  Carbohydrate 75g  25%, Sodium 300mg 13%

Introducing our Udon Noodles Sakura, weighing 300g, a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Japan. Made with precision and care, these noodles offer a unique texture and flavor, making them a favorite for various dishes. Whether you’re preparing a traditional udon soup, a stir-fry, or experimenting with new recipes, our Sakura Udon Noodles promise to deliver an unparalleled dining experience. Buy udon from MAINDISH today and immerse yourself in the genuine flavors of Japanese cuisine.

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