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Tuna Can Mix Set – Tuna Flakes 185g × 2 and Tuna Chunks 185g × 2

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Looking for a quick and nutritious meal option? Our Tuna Can Mix Set is your answer. This set includes Tuna Flakes and Tuna Chunks, both packed in 185g cans, offering you the versatility to create a variety of dishes. From Takikomi Gohan to Tuna Sandwiches, the possibilities are endless. What sets our product apart is the convenience it offers—no opener required! Just pop open the can and you’re ready to cook. Don’t compromise on taste or nutrition; choose our Tuna Can Mix Set for a hassle-free cooking experience.”

Opener are not required.

● Recipe1 →→ Takikomi Gohan (Canned Tuna)
● Recipe2 →→ Tuna Sandwiches




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