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Youki Shisen Tobanjang 130g



Ingredients: Red Pepper, Broad Beans, Dried Red Pepper, Salt, Vitamin C

Sichuan chili miso is a Chinese condiment made by fermenting edamame with salt, red chili peppers, and Koji.

It is an essential seasoning for Chinese dishes like mapo tofu and shrimp chili, known for its spiciness, umami, and vibrant red color that stimulates both the taste buds and the eyes. When paired with dishes like Chinese rice bowls or stir-fried vegetables, it adds a flavorful accent. Heading it with oil enhances its aroma and richness!

Example:Twice-cooked pork, Mapo eggplant, Mapo bean vermicelli, Tantanmen

● Recipe1 →→ Dandan noodles

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