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Miso Paste Red 1kg – Shinshuichi


Ingredients : Soy Bean, Water, Rice Malt, Salt, Ethyl Alcohol, Riboflavin

Dive into the authentic world of Japanese cuisine with our Shinshuichi Red Miso Paste. Weighing 1kg, this miso paste is made from quality ingredients including soybeans, water, rice malt, and salt. Whether you’re looking to prepare the classic miso soup or experiment with new recipes, our miso paste is the ideal choice. Not only does it offer a genuine taste, but it also brings the health benefits associated with fermented foods. Elevate your culinary adventures by incorporating this miso paste into your dishes. Buy miso paste from MAINDISH and experience the essence of Japanese flavors.

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Gross weight 1020 kg
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 21 cm
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